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HalalXpert Pte Ltd had its beginnings as a halal and management consultancy in 2017. Over time, we have evolved and have embarked into investment services, starting with our Sheep Farming and Breeding Investment Program in Australia.

Primarily based in Singapore, HalalXpert reach extends in the region and beyond, capitalizing on emerging markets and opportunities that are aligned to our business objectives and strategies.

Even as we now focus our efforts on the investment program, we are nevertheless poised to expand our business lines to include trading in halal food and supplies, as well as sustainable products that are friendly to the environment.

Our goal is to serve as a catalyst to revitalize and reinvigorate the Islamic economy for the benefit of the Ummah, specifically, and mankind, in general.

Our Vision

HalalXpert’s vision is to serve as a vehicle to be at the forefront of efforts to build up the halal eco-system which will ultimately provide a platform for the revitalization of the Islamic economy.

Vision Statement: “Catalyzing the Revival of the Islamic Economy”

Our Values

HalalXpert is guided by the following core values in everything that we do:

Quality – We aim to serve our clients and customers with a high degree of quality, ensuring the solutions we offer meet their requirements and overcome the problems they faced.

Efficiency – We strive to be timely in the provision of our services, enabling effective channels of communications to foster a strong sense of partnership with all that we serve.

Integrity – We place a premium on the observance of the principle of integrity in all that we do, at times requiring us to be brutally honest in the positions that we take towards the resolution of our clients and customers problem

Our Partner

HalalXpert realizes that no man, or for that matter, no organization is island and can claim to be the master of everything. In this regard, we have established strategic alliances that will allow us to leverage on the experience and expertise of our partners in the course of serving our clients and customers, as well as our own business objectives.

Our partners include:
ARK Group of Companies Pte Ltd
Wonderz Pty Ltd
Caliph Bumi Resources & Services LLP
Valiant Express Pte Ltd

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Email – contactus@halalxprt.com
Facebook – HalalXpert
WhatsApp – +6594200369

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