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HalalXpert Pte Ltd (the Company), along with its partner ARK Group of Companies Pte Ltd, is offering this Sheep Farming and Breeding investment program to members of our Muslim community.

The program consists of a one-time investment, as low as $6,000 and entitles the investor of 10 heads of female sheep. The female sheep, which we call breeders, will belong to the investor for the entire duration of the investment program; 26 months or 60 months depending on term chosen.

During the entire duration of the investment program, the investor will not be required to make any additional payments towards the program as all farming-related expenses will be borne by the Company.

At the end of the tenure of the investment program (26 months or 60 months), the Company reserves the right to buy back all the sheep held by the investor at fair market value. This is expected to yield an estimated return of $12,000 (26 months term) or $36,000 (60 months term) for the investor, based on the investment of $6,000.

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