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In order for a restaurant, factories or a company to market themselves as offering halal food, ingredients, or other products, it must first pass an extensive halal certification process. At the end of the halal accreditation process, the business receives a global recognition that their services fully comply with the rules and regulations. Although the rules apply to every Muslim on the planet, the regulatory bodies for halal food and products differ from continent to continent and from country to country. Currently, the only country in the world to offer full halal accreditation support by the government are from Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore. In other countries, NGOs and other regulatory bodies offer the aforementioned certification.

Our company offers professional services that will ensure a smooth certification process, regardless of the needed certifications. Our experts will create tailored reports for each business, with details about every step of the process. At the end of our consultancy service, your company will adhere to the correct certification bodies.

What We Offer

Documenting the correct halal certification – is mandatory in order to achieve desired success. In order for a company to receive its halal certification, it must adhere to the correct regulations of the countries in which the company desires to practice its business.

Consulting for halal food and products – in order for your company to be certified, the food and products served must comply with the law. Our services evaluate and offer consulting towards the better understanding and implementation of correct practices.

Implementing the halal standards – services and products that adhere to the Islamic teaching can only be certified if the preparation process complies with the highest standards. Therefore, our team of experts will make sure that your products and services are fully compliant before applying for certification.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

Our services are not only oriented towards restaurateurs. In reality, there is a vast majority of businesses that can apply for our services, in order to receive the correct halal certification needed to perform their business:

Restaurants and other food-related companies – our company provides the best consultancy services that are guaranteed to transform your business into a halal-friendly location that is certified by the correct body.

Companies producing cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products – adhering to the Sharia law is done by correctly implementing company-wide standards that ensure the highest standard when it comes to handling the production of halal cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products.

Export businesses interested in the halal market – such companies will need to acquire certification from both the home country and the country to which they plan to export halal goods. Acquiring these certifications can be easily done with the assistance of our team of experts.

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