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Before obtaining a halal certification for your services or products, an audit must be performed in order to ensure that your business is compliant with the halal standards that are offered by the Sharia law and regulated by the official bodies in the target country or area. Our company offers consulting and auditing services that are run by our experts. Each audit process will give your company an overall evaluation, complete with a list of changes that need to be done in order to receive the halal certification. Each audit is tailored to the needs of each company, thus ensuring a high-quality collaboration.

The Audit Process The audit process starts with an enquiry that should be done by either phone or email. Through our well-established means of communication we can offer more information and details about the process, before we begin. Once you’ve opted for one of our service plans, our consultants will work closely with you in order to set up a specific schedule for the audit. The plan will also include details about the direction of the process and any required courses of action. Our consultants will thoroughly inspect your establishment, in order to make sure that everything is compliant with the Sharia law. The team will consist of both technical and Sharia experts in order to ensure the highest possible audit quality. The audit team will inspect the following:

  • Overall aspect of the facility – is a crucial aspect of the audit. Any irregularities found will have to be resolved before certification can be attained
  • Safety measures – are important for both employees and customers alike
  • Sanitary measures – for food, products, and employees will be accounted for
  • Product handling and distribution – is a key aspect in obtaining the certification
  • Storage facilities – play an important role because there are strict regulations that need to be met in order to complete the audit

Once the audit process is underway, our team of experts will provide a detailed list of changes that need to be done in order for your company to comply with the correct standards and regulations. Furthermore, every product and ingredient that your company uses or sells will be analyzed and introduced in a database, for further inspection and certification. The audit expenses will be agreed upon before the beginning of the process. The Management Process Once the audit is complete and your business has resolved every potential issue that was discovered during the audit, the certification will be received. However, the collaboration between our companies is not over. The halal certificate must be continuously renewed. Usually, the validity period is for 1 year. However, this number is different depending on a number of factors that are government and NGO related. Regardless of the validity period of your certificate, our company will offer full assistance throughout the period. Furthermore, we will periodically send audit teams to ensure that the quality of your products and services has been respected. If your company cannot continue to fulfil the requirements for halal products, you can request our services again, in order to create a new plan.

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