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Due to the fact that halal certifications are only valid for a limited amount of time, it is very important for our clients to understand the concept of halal as a whole. In order to do so, our company offers a variety of comprehensive training programs that are specifically aimed at easing the transition towards the halal market share. Each training program contains information that is individually tailored for its trainees, in order for them to achieve an optimal understanding of the presented subject.
Our training programs are not limited to restaurateurs and halal food. We offer a wide variety of topics, such as the understanding of Sharia law, food processing and safety, global halal markets, and so on.

Why Opt For Training

Because the halal market has been experiencing a continuous growth in the past years, understanding halal practices has become the cornerstone of running a halal certified business. Finishing one of our training program ensures that you have acquired enough information and expertise in the subject, as to be able to run your business according to the halal guidelines. Our training programs offer guidance in various aspects of the halal industry. The following aspects are included in our training programs:

  • General criteria – every participant must understand that in order for the final product to be considered halal, there are strict guidelines that need to be followed. The program contains general details about halal and haram ingredients, food preparation, utensil usage, etc.
  • Animal product guidelines – a program that provides detailed information about the provenance of the meat, the utensils used, and other secondary ingredients that may be added.
  • Halal slaughtering – is a process that contains 4 important aspects. The training program will provide a detailed approach to the process, including the fact that the butcher must be Muslim, the animal must be healthy, and aspects about utensils.
  • Halal food processing – Sharia law has very strict guidelines when it comes to processing, packaging, and distribution. Each of these aspects will be thoroughly studied throughout the duration of the program.
  • Sanitation and cross-contamination guidelines – is very important because the guidelines do not allow the use of utensils that were previously used for non-halal food, unless correctly cleaned. Moreover, the storage process of halal products is also an important aspect that is discussed during the program.

Why Choose Our Trainers

The strength of our training programs comes from the hard-work and dedication that is being put into each program by our trainers. Each of our staff members are experts in their fields and can provide trainees with the best experience.

Years of expertise stand behind each of our staff members. Our company is dedicated to high-quality, thus, at the end of the training program, our customers will leave with the acquired knowledge required to change their business into a halal friendly business.

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