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As a leading Halal consultancy and agency, HalalXpert has always been providing quality and satisfying halal training and seminar which stand second to none. Our training seminars are very flexible and customizable so that individual groups can comprehend the presented training subjects thoroughly without any difficulty.

Our training topics cover various aspect of the Halal certification. This will include Islamic Sharia Law, food handling and hygiene, food safety and even healthy food known as “Thoyyiban”.

It is no surprise that we have wide experience and deep knowledge in providing professional halal training and seminar to restaurants, food manufacturers, food chains and even general consultants seeking our expertise.

Currently, we are launching an online video conferencing halal training program to cater to those who are having a time constraint, budget and a low number of trainees.

Some of our training topics:

  • Introduction to Halal
  • Concept of Halal
  • Halal and its components
  • Halal rulings
  • Halal Assurance Point (HAP)
  • Modern Halal food manufacturing
  • Advantages and benefits of Halal food
  • Halal food handling
  • Halal best practice
  • Global Halal market analysis
  • Halal certification and accreditation
  • Halal friendly certification and consulting for overseas business
  • Cross-contamination and its preventive measures
  • Halal food processing and slaughtering

Reason for Halal Training

For the past few years, the world has been experiencing a strong demand for halal food which has lead to an explosive influx of halal food supplies from the manufacturers. The food and beverage industry is facing a new change in its landscape. Many are scrambling to acquire halal training in a bid to understand and acquire a good understanding of Halal, especially in this modern era with many technical and sensitive issues.

Our trainers

When we conduct training, we believe also in providing the best. And in order to achieve that, we need to call on the experts to do it. Hence for every different halal seminar and training, depending also on the topics, we have always been engaging the experts in that particular field or subject to conduct the high-quality professional training. This will make the training much informative, engaging, efficient and effective for our trainees as the experts know the best how and what to convey to the trainees in the most optimal way.

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