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MUIS Halal certification process in Singapore

Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), also known in Singapore as the Islamic Religious Council is the only Halal Certification body & authority in Singapore for local business. The organisation started in early 1978, the MUIS Halal Certification seal is being recognised in some of the Halal markets such as Brunei, The Middle East, and others.

MUIS will certify the Halal Certificate to the local food establishment based on rules and regulations for the Halal Certification requirements which are known as the Singapore MUIS Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ). MUIS provides various Halal Certification & Accreditation schemes and training that focus on the food industry in Singapore

Applying for the Halal Certifications is a voluntary act. It is administered under the Section 88A of the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA). MUIS is granted the authority to serve as the only certifier Halal Certification and supervise the Halal industry in Singapore.To obtain the halal certificate from MUIS or the relevant authority, your business needs to go through an extensive halal accreditation procedure and requirements which we will help you with our expert consultancy. After the complying with the rules, your food establishment will receive the halal certification.

At the moment, the only countries in the world to provide a complete halal certification support by the government are from Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore.

Our agency offers proficient halal services that will guarantee a smooth process for you. Our halal specialists will customize the documentation for every products or service with insights about each progression of the journey. Toward the end of our consultancy, you will be fully equipped with the accurate information which is set by MUIS in Singapore or the international Halal certifying bodies.

What We Offer

  1. It is mandatory to have the correct documentation which follows MUIS rules & regulations from the start in order to successfully receive the Halal certification.
  2. Our services will assess and provide you with the proper advice for your business to get certified in Singapore or Globally.
  3. Our professional consultants will make sure that your business follows the regulations which are set aside by MUIS and other Halal certifying bodies.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

  1. Our services are geared towards many industries from restaurant, factory, abattoir, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and more.
  2. Businesses who are keen to export to Muslim majority countries such as Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia and others.

What are the MUIS Halal Certification Requirements?

Below is the minimum mandatory condition & requirement stated by MUIS:

  1. No pork and lard as part of the ingredients
  2. Cannot serve alcohol
  3. MUIS Halal training for two staffs, can be non-Muslim too
  4. Minimum 2 Muslim staffs (per location) for an eating establishment such as restaurants.

Application Requirement:

  1. Blueprint of Kitchen and restaurant area, number pax and kitchen size area.
  2. Raw material and ingredients (form will be provided by consultant)
  3. Menus that will be used for dining (form will be provided by consultant)
  4. Certificate from NEA, AVA or HAS provided by the you
  5. Muslim staff appointment letter
  6. Muslim staff working hour and schedule
  7. Need to declare any other business operation to MUIS
  8. ACRA bizfile company profile
  9. Halal training certificate
  10. Suppliers/manufacturer halal certificate & invoices
  11. Operating hours
  12. Main business telephone number
  13. All Staffs details: Full name, IC no, join date, position held, working hrs and day
  14. Letter of Undertaking

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